Cotton Masks- Patterns

$11.00 - $13.00
Cotton Masks- Patterns

We are happy to have been able to donate about 325 masks to essential workers in the past few months with the help of some of the proceeds from these masks! Stay safe, everyone!

100% cotton contoured mask. One size fits most. Measures approx. 8"x6". Intended to be worn with the elastic around the back of the head and neck, but if you prefer to wear it around your ears just cut the elastic into two pieces and thread one piece through each channel and knot.

These masks are intended for use where/when a cotton mask is recommended. They are not intended for protection in medical situations where filtered masks/N95 masks are called for.

Ships free in the US! Please be aware that shipping in some areas packages are taking a few days longer right now because of the Covid-19 situation.